Wings (magazine)

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Wings magazine logo.png
Categories Shōjo manga
Frequency Bi-monthly (Vol. 1-9)
Monthly (from Vol. 10)
Circulation 250,000
Company Shinshokan
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Website Official Website

Wings (ウィングス Uingusu?) is a shōjo manga magazine published by Shinshokan. The magazine is aimed at a female audience in the 16- to 20-year-old age range[1] and tend to be action- or fantasy-oriented stories.[2] Wings previously had a number of special editions such as Shinshokan South, or simply South, Phantom Club, Huckleberry, Un Poco, and Wings: Story. Currently, only Un Poco, and Wings: Story are still being published.

Manga artists and series featured in Wings[edit]


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