Winky's Horse

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Winky's Horse
Winky's Horse.jpg
Het paard van Sinterklaas
Directed by Mischa Kamp
Produced by Burny Bos
Hilde De Laere
Kim Klaase
Michiel de Rooij
Sabine Veenendaal
Screenplay by Tamara Bos
Starring Ebbie Tam
Aaron Wan
Hanyi Han
Music by Johan Hoogewijs
Cinematography Lennert Hillege
Edited by Sander Vos
Bos Bros. Film & TV Productions
MMG Film & TV Production
Release date
12 October 2005
Running time
95 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch, Chinese

Winky's Horse (Dutch: Het paard van Sinterklaas) is a 2005 Dutch children's film. It was released in the Netherlands on 12 October 2005 and received a re-release the following year. Winky's Horse received multiple award nominations and wins, and screenwriter Tamara Bos won a Golden Calf award for Best Screenplay of a Feature Film. The film also received a Golden Film for 100,000 visitors.

A sequel, entitled Where Is Winky's Horse?, was released in 2007.


Winky (Ebbie Tam) and her mother (Hanyi Han) have recently traveled from China to the Netherlands in order to meet up with Winky's father (Aaron Wan). The move is not entirely a smooth one, as Winky has to learn to speak Dutch while also experiencing some culture shock due to the differences between the two countries. She finds some solace with her neighbors Oom Siem (Jan Decleir) and Tante Cor (Betty Schuurman), as they own an old horse that Winky instantly adores. However when her beloved horse dies, Winky is heartbroken and decides that she must have another horse in her life - even if she must appeal to St. Nicholas (also played by Decleir) to accomplish this.



Variety wrote a positive review but stated "Kidpic "Winky's Horse" reps a delightful girl-meets-horse story, aimed at tiny tots. Despite its charms, this Holland-set Christmastime fable will have a rough ride finding offshore buyers, even if redubbed for export, given its intensely Dutch frame of reference."[1] DVD Verdict was mixed in their review, as they felt that "It's not a magical tale of whimsy and magical whimsical magic, but it is a sweet slice of character drama. Little Ebbie Tam is a sweetheart who is in nearly every scene which gives her plenty to do, but she's up to it. Of course the overwrought dubbing detracts from the effectiveness—a good amount actually—but my, what a smile!"[2]


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