Winter (Marsden novel)

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Winter cover.jpg
Scholastic edition, 2002
Author John Marsden
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Young adult fiction
Published 2000 (Pan Macmillan)
Media type Print
ISBN 0-7329-1014-5 (Australia)
ISBN 0-330-36270-4 (UK)

Winter is a 2000 young adult novel by John Marsden.[1] Winter, the protagonist of the story, returns to the family estate she left at four when her parents died. She finds that everything is not as it seems when she visits her parents' graves, and she is determined out the answers.

Plot summary[edit]

For twelve years since the age of 4 Winter has been haunted. Her past, her memories, her feelings, will not leave her alone. And now, at sixteen, the time has come for her to act. Every journey begins with a single step. If Winter is going to step into the future, she must first step into the past. Winter returns to her family estate of Warriewood, neglected since the death of her parents when she was four years old; she will stop at nothing to uncover the mystery behind their deaths.


  • Winter De Salis - The main character of the story, Winter was orphaned when she was four.
  • Phillip De Salis - Winter's father, who was killed in the Sydney-Hobart yacht race.
  • Phyllis De Salis - Winter's mother, who was supposedly killed in a shooting accident, but, as Winter eventually discovered, was killed by her four-year-old daughter in a tragic accident involving a loaded gun.
  • Rita Harrison - Winter's rich great-aunt.
  • Mrs Stone - Rita Harrison's housekeeper.
  • Ralph - Hired to take care of the Warriewood estate.
  • Sylvia - Hired to take care of the Warriewood estate.
  • Matthew Kennedy - A neighbour of Winter's.
  • Mr Carruthers - The supervisor of the Warriewood estate.
  • Dr Couples - The doctor who saw Phyllis's crime scene.
  • Jess McGill - Friend