Winter Weezerland

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Winter Weezerland
Winter Weezerland cover.jpg
EP by Weezer
Released 13 December 2005
Recorded 2000
Genre Alternative rock
Christmas music
Length 5:35
Label Geffen (US)
Producer Rupert Peasley
Weezer chronology
Make Believe
(2005)Make Believe2005
Winter Weezerland EP
Alternative cover
The Previous Cover From 2000.
The Previous Cover From 2000.

Weezer's Winter Weezerland EP is an EP released in December 2005 exclusively for iTunes users. It features songs that had originally been recorded by the band in 2000 as part of a special Christmas CD that was sent out to Weezer fan club members. The cover of the CD featured the band members dressed in Santa costumes.


A teaser message posted on the band's official website prompted speculation about Winter Weezerland and soon fan message boards were flooded with speculative posts. Despite many Weezer fans believing the tracks were just a re-release of the Christmas CD (which they were eventually revealed to be), some fans believed the EP would contain all-new Christmas versions of classic Weezer tracks including one group that believed previously unheard tracks would be released in the tradition of Weezer's popular "Holiday Treats."


Many fans complained that the release of the EP was completely unnecessary since mp3s of the songs were already available for free download in the media section on the band's official website.[1]

Geffen removed the songs from the website shortly after several iTunes reviews of the EP included references to the free mp3s available on the band's website.

E-mail replies from the band's unofficial fifth member, Karl Koch, have suggested that the band was not involved in the release of the EP and it was a decision made independently by the band's record label, Geffen Records. Karl said in one e-mail to a fan:

The backlash from the devoted Weezer fanbase was somewhat minimal, with many fans resorting to posting negative reviews on iTunes and others flooding Weezer message boards with derogatory comments towards the band, despite no actual involvement of the band in the release of the EP.

As of 2008, the EP has been removed from the iTunes Store.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The Christmas Song" 3:11
2. "Christmas Celebration" 2:24
Total length: 5:35


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