Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Building.jpg
Headquarters in Madison
Agency overview
Formed 1967
Jurisdiction Wisconsin
Headquarters Madison, Wisconsin
Agency executives
  • Cathy Stepp, Secretary
  • Matt Moroney, Deputy Secretary
  • Scott Gunderson, Executive Assistant
Website [1]

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) is an agency of the state of Wisconsin. Its purpose is to preserve, protect, manage, and maintain the natural resources of the state.[1] The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board has the authority to set policy for the DNR and to recommend regulations for approval by the state legislature and the Governor.[2] It administers all state parks, forests, trails, wildlife areas, and natural areas. The central office of the WDNR is located in downtown Madison, near the state capitol.


The DNR was created by the state legislature in 1967. It is led by the DNR secretary. Current secretary Cathy Stepp was appointed to the post by governor Scott Walker in 2011.[3]

The agency made national headlines in 2013 after it was criticized for an armed raid on a no-kill animal shelter in which agents seized and subsequently euthanized a fawn that was being housed at the shelter.[4][5]

Green Tier Program[edit]

The Green Tier Program, set up by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources provides state businesses with the opportunity to bring economics and the environment together.[6] As of December 2015, over 90 corporations and companies are Green Tier participants, including 3M, ABB Inc., Frito-Lay, and Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc.[7] Green Tier includes multiple new charters which includes Legacy Communities - a Smart Growth partnership with an aim to assist communities to develop sustainability strategies at the local level.[8]

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