Wishmaster: The Prophecy Fulfilled

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Wishmaster: The Prophecy Fulfilled
Wishmaster The Prophecy Fulfilled poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed by Chris Angel
Produced by
  • Gary Howsam
  • Gilles Paquin
Written by John Benjamin Martin
Music by
  • Daryl Bennett
  • Jim Guttridge
Cinematography Curtis J. Petersen
Edited by Marcus Manton
GFT Entertainment
Paquin Entertainment Group
Distributed by Artisan Entertainment
Release date
  • October 22, 2002 (2002-10-22)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Wishmaster: The Prophecy Fulfilled is a 2002 Canadian horror film. It is the fourth and final installment of the Wishmaster series.


As in the previous films, an evil genie is released from his prison - an ancient jewel - and must grant three wishes to the person who awakens him, in order to release the race of Djinn from Hell and allow them to take over the earth.

Painter Sam (Jason Thompson) and his girlfriend Lisa (Tara Spencer-Nairn) have just moved in together, when he has a terrible accident that leaves him paraplegic when the bones in his lower legs are fractured. Determined to help him, Lisa retains a lawyer, Steven (Michael Trucco), who has a crush on her. Due to his condition, Sam grows ever more distant from Lisa, ruminating on his and Lisa's inability to have sex and believing that she and Steven are having an affair.

Sensing Sam's growing distance from Lisa, Steven moves in, awkwardly offering as a gift a jewel he found hidden away in an antique desk. The jewel, unknown to Steven, is the Djinn's cell. Lisa inadvertently awakens the Djinn, which secretly kills Steven and takes his form. The Djinn/Steven begins making advances on Lisa to trick her into making wishes.

She first wishes for the case on Sam's condition to be won. The Djinn calls the opposing attorney and forces him to torture himself until he signs a settlement for 10 million dollars. The Djinn next takes Lisa out to a restaurant called The Palace to celebrate the winning of the case, asking her what she wishes for the most. When she says she wishes Sam could walk again, the Djinn grants this wish, enabling Sam to walk, but not repairing the injuries that left him paralyzed. They next go to Steven's place where they share champagne. While getting more for them to drink, the Djinn hears Lisa wish she could love "Steven" for who he really is.

Aware that his true form will lose her forever, he is unable to grant the third wish right away. The Djinn spends much time trying to decipher human love in order to "make" Lisa truly love him, and in the process he develops feelings for her.

One of these attempts is talking with one of her coworkers, who explains he has to grant Lisa's deepest desires, amongst which is ending her three-year-long sexless life, and accidentally wishes for killer sex, that is extremely pleasurable to her at first, but does kill her. Meanwhile, his fellow Djinn constantly beg him to grant the third wish and let their race inherit the earth. He ignores them to keep learning about love, even visiting a Strip Club, where he meets Sam. Though he tries tricking Sam into making a wish, Steven ends up granting the wishes of a bartender to be a pimple on the rear of one of the strippers, and that of the bouncer, who wished he'd put up more of a fight after being thrown out.

An angel attempts to kill Lisa to prevent the third wish from being granted to her, which would cause the release of all Djinn and an ensuing armageddon. However, Steven arrives and sends her away to safety. The angel and the Djinn fight, with the Djinn eventually winning the battle and killing the angel. Due to his previous planning, Steven has tricked Sam into believing Lisa has now fallen in love with Steven and this forces him to leave. Steven later arrives at Lisa's house with some flowers in an attempt to calm her down from the angel's attack and console her. He gives her a kiss, which leads to them making out and then having sex in the living room. Once Lisa calms down afterward, she realizes she has missed having sex but does not love Steven. Steven asks Lisa very emphatically if she "truly [loves him] for who [he is]" in an attempt to make her grant the third wish; however she is taken aback and somewhat repulsed by his pushiness. Lisa runs upstairs for new clothes, leaving Steven with his thoughts.

At his wit's end, Steven redresses himself and heads upstairs to her bedroom, where she has finished dressing. Steven explains he gave Lisa what she wanted, but is angrily rebuffed with "thanks for the charity". The Djinn brethren make their presence known, forcing Lisa to flee. Steven voices rage at his fellow Djinn for jeopardizing the wish, telling them he will take care of it. Using his magic to make the upstairs a looping maze, Steven brings Lisa back to the bedroom and reveals his true form to her, offering Lisa a choice: take his hand as the second in command when the Djinn race takes over the world, or to be cast down to another dimension of Hell.

At the climax, Sam returns and tries to save the day with an angel's sword (wished for by him), but gets stabbed by the Djinn. While the Djinn is still attempting to convince Lisa to take his hand, Sam signals Lisa to push the Djinn through the blade, which is sticking out of Sam. Lisa does so, and both the Djinn and Sam perish. Lisa makes it out of the house and looks back at it, remembering the happier times that she and Sam shared.



The film was shot back to back with its predecessor Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell with only a weekend separating the two. Both films were shot in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In a scene where the Djinn shows Lisa an illusion of paradise, they are standing on a pond in Assiniboine Park, a notable locale for the city. The Assiniboine Park Pavilion can be seen just above the tree line in the background of the scene.

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