Witch Hunt (1999 film)

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Witch Hunt
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis
Starring Jacqueline Bisset
Cameron Daddo
Jerome Ehlers
Theme music composer Cezary Skubiszewski
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Alan Hardy
Jackie O'Sullivan
Cinematography David Connell
Editor(s) Bill Murphy
Running time 90 min
Distributor Network Ten (Australia)
Lifetime (US)
Channel 5 (UK)
Original release 2 May 1999

Witch Hunt is a 1999 Australian crime drama, directed by Scott Hartford-Davis and written by NCIS: Los Angeles creator, Shane Brennan. It premiered on Australia's Network Ten on 2 May 1999.


A young girl goes missing and her father (Daddo) accuses his mother-in-law, Barbara (Bisset) of abducting her. He speculates about Barbara's deep involvement in the occult with the accusation that she is a witch. Barbara responds by accusing her son-in-law of abusing her granddaughter.[1]



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