Witch Hunt (band)

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Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt in Aalborg.jpg
Background information
OriginPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
GenresHardcore punk, post-hardcore, D-beat
Years active2001-present
LabelsWitch Hunt, Profane Existence, Fistolo, Final Attempt, Fight For Your Mind, Alternative Tentacles
Associated actsLusts, Lost Cause, Sickoids
MembersJanine Enriquez
Rob Fitzpatrick
Nicole Enriquez
Vince Klopfenstein

Witch Hunt are a four-piece hardcore punk band currently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States who formed in 2001 in northern New Jersey.[1][2] The band started out as a 3 piece with Janine on bass, Rob on drums, Nicole on guitar and all members sharing vocal duties.[3][4] In 2005, Vince joined as the drummer and Rob switched to guitar.[5] Members also play or have played in Lost Cause, End Me, Lusts, Clockcleaner, Sickoids, and Snowstorm.[6] Their lyrics mainly speak of social-political themes such as imperialism, sexual abuse, the state, and the environment.[7][8]


  • 2002: S/T 7" (Get The Axe/Reissued on This is Only the Beginning CD)
  • 2003: Witch Hunt/Deathbag Split 7" (Hemorrhaging Loudness/Reissued on This is Only the Beginning CD)
  • 2004: As Priorities Decay LP/CD (Profane Existence/Reissued on This is Only the Beginning CD)
  • 2006: Blood-Red States LP/CD (Profane Existence/Reissued on Witch Hunt/Fistolo Records/Fight For Your Mind (France))
  • 2007: This is Only the Beginning... CD (Fistolo Records)
  • 2008: Witch Hunt/To What End? Split 7" (Witch Hunt/Final Attempt Records/Fight For Your Mind (France))
  • 2009: Burning Bridges to Nowhere (Alternative Tentacles)


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