Without My Daughter

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Without My Daughter
Directed by Kari Tervo
Alexis Kouros
Produced by Kari Tervo
Alexis Kouros
Written by Alexis Kouros
Music by Tuomas Kantelinen
Cinematography Jari Pollari
Edited by Riitta Poikselkä
Release date
Country Finland
Language English
Budget 423,600

Without My Daughter (2002, Finland) is a 90-minute documentary directed by Kari Tervo and Alexis Kouros.

In 1987, a book titled Not Without My Daughter was published, based on the story of an American woman, Betty Mahmoody. According to the book, Mahmoody and her daughter Mahtob Mahmoody were taken by her Iranian husband, Sayed Bozorg Mahmoody, for a "two-week holiday" to Iran, and he kept them there against their will. She managed to escape 18 months later, taking their 5-year-old daughter with her to Turkey and back to the United States. In 1991, a movie titled Not Without My Daughter starring Sally Field was released, based on the events described in her book.

This documentary tells Sayed Mahmoody's side of that story. It goes beyond the personal and emotional desires of a father seeking to meet his daughter, and explores the wider political and global contexts underlying the case of the Mahmoody family.

Festival screenings[edit]

  • International Documentary Festival Amsterdam IDGA, Joris Ivens series 2002
  • Docpoint International Documentary festival, Helsinki, Finland 2003
  • Gothenburg Film Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden 2003
  • Fajr Film Festival, Tehran, Iran 2003
  • Tampere International Film Festival, Tampere, Finland 2003
  • VERA, Short and Documentary Film Festival, Mariehamn, Finland 2003
  • East Lansing International Film Festival, Michigan, USA 2003
  • Jeon Ju International Film Festival, Seoul, Korea 2003

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