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"No fixed address" redirects here. For the Australian band, see No Fixed Address. For the Nickelback album, see No Fixed Address (album).
People living and working on a boat may be "of no fixed abode", but are not homeless

In law, no fixed abode or without fixed abode is not having a fixed geographical location as a residence. This is applicable to several groups:

Mail may be handled Poste restante.


Ships may have a mobile letter box, that can be placed on the dockside whilst a ship is moored in port or the crew are on shore leave, allowing the delivery of mail to those living on the ship—for as long as the vessel is in that port.

United Kingdom[edit]

In the United Kingdom "no fixed abode" is a valid residential address. The law states:

If a person has no fixed abode he shall be treated as having his sole or main residence in the place where he is at any particular time.

—Local Government Finance Act 1988[1]

A person may wish to provide a temporary forwarding address to ease contacting them, or the locating of their whereabouts can be left as an exercise to the sender.

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  1. ^ "Chapter 41, Part I (Community Charges), Section 31 (Interpretation), Subsection 8". Local Government Finance Act 1988. Office of Public Sector Information. If at a particular time a person has no fixed abode (in England and Wales or elsewhere) he shall at that time be treated as having his sole or main residence in the place where he is at the time.