Wolseley 60 hp

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60 hp
Preserved Wolseley 60 hp
Type Piston inline aero engine
Manufacturer Wolseley Motors Limited
First run 1910
Major applications Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.1

The Wolseley 60 hp or Type C was a British liquid-cooled V-8 aero engine that first ran in 1910, it was designed and built by Wolseley Motors. The engine featured water-cooled exhaust ports and employed a 20 lb (9 kg) flywheel. During an official four-hour test the engine produced an average of 55 horsepower (41 kW). A larger capacity variant known as the 80 hp or Type B used an internal camshaft and propeller reduction gear.[1]


60 hp
80 hp

Engines on display[edit]

A preserved Wolseley 60 hp is on public display at the Science Museum (London).

Specifications (60 hp)[edit]

Data from Lumsden.[2]

General characteristics

  • Type: 8-cylinder, upright, 90-degree Vee engine
  • Bore: 3.74 in (95 mm)
  • Stroke: 5.51 in (140 mm)
  • Displacement: 482 cu in (7.9 L)
  • Dry weight: 385 lb (175 kg)


  • Valvetrain: Sidevalve with single external camshaft
  • Fuel system: Single Zenith carburettor
  • Fuel type: 40-50 octane petrol
  • Cooling system: Air-cooled with liquid-cooled exhausts
  • Reduction gear: Direct drive, left-hand tractor


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