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Women Drummers International (WDI) is a non-profit organization based in San Leandro, California. The mission of the organization is to help empower women through drum playing and also to create a positive environment for learning and teaching drumming. WDI provides women with a support network and drumming retreats.[1] WDI also sponsors a drumming camp called Born To Drum in California.[2] The first camp started in 2006.[3] The drum camps take place annually over a weekend in the early summer at Chabot Regional Park.[4]

WDI was founded in 1998 by percussionist, Carolyn Brandy.[5] The organization became a non-profit group in 2009.[5] Sistah Boom, the San Francisco area marching band, is affiliated with WDI.[6]

Sistah Boom[edit]

Sistah Boom is an all-women marching band founded by Brandy in 1982.[7] The band was made up of 40 percussionists,[8] and at one point grew to over 100 members.[9] Sistah Boom dissolved for a time and was brought back in 2008, when Cleve Jones asked Brandy to bring the marching band to the filming of Milk.[6] The band participates in the San Francisco Dyke March,[10] at celebrations,[11] memorials,[12] and in demonstrations.[13]


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