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Women Media Center Pakistan
Women Media Center Logo.JPG
Founder Fauzia Shaheen
Type Non-Profit Organization
Focus Journalism
Area served
Women in Journalism
Slogan Gender Equality in M
Website www.wmcpk.org

The Women Media Center (WMC) is a non-profit organization founded in 2005. Based in Karachi, Pakistan, the Center promotes gender equality in Pakistani mass media. The organization's main objectives are to conduct research, educate women in various professions of the media and to promote creativity among Pakistani women.

The Women Media Center trains these women with the latest facilities available, equips them with modern journalism techniques and assists them in becoming a productive part of Pakistani/international media. The WMC produces numerous of various media, such as news packages, documentaries and talk shows. To date, over 1,000 women have received training from the Center.

The Women Media Center was founded by Fauzia Shaheen, who serves as its Executive Director and General Secretary.[1]


Women Media Center has organized workshops to improve the skills of women journalists in Television Reporting, Camera Work, Editing, Story Making, Article Writing and Storyboarding.

It has conducted ten-day training workshops and has organized two National Conferences on the role of Women Journalists in Pakistan.


The following mission statement is from the Women Media Center Website.[2]

The Women Media Centre’s mission is multidimensional;

  • To provide professional environment and to increase women’s participation in the mainstream media through training, research and education.
  • To improve women’s status by means of promoting socially conscious programs on television, video and radio to raise awareness.
  • To raise awareness of civic issues from perspective of Pakistani women.
  • Work with Pakistani Universities, Mass Communication departments on practical platform for aspiring women journalists in the shape of training programs development syllabus and new courses, encompassing technical area of mass communication with the objective to develop women journalist.
  • Provide empowerment training, promote media freedom. And to address the entry barriers confronted by women journalists.
  • Networking in its own database with institution involved in promoting awareness and media in particular especially in Pakistan and whole South Asia.
  • Provide a gateway for the media industry to address the issues like scarcity of women journalists and services.


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