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The Animal Shelter in Lordship Lane, London N22

Wood Green Animal Shelters is an English animal welfare charity.[1] The charity was founded in 1924 as a response to the number of animals abandoned on London's streets.[2]

There are three shelters:[3]

  1. 601, Lordship Lane, Wood Green, North London
  2. Heydon, on the Hertfordshire / Cambridgeshire border
  3. Godmanchester - the headquarters

The shelter rehomes a variety of animals including dogs, cats, field animals such as goats and horses, and small animals such as rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs. It has space for 750 animals over its three sites.[4]

The charity has been affected by the Financial crisis of 2007-2009, with increasing numbers of dogs and cats abandoned by owners who do not have enough money to look after them.[5] They also are one of a few animal charities that operate a euthanasia policy for aggressive or ill animals.[6]


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