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Wood Mackenzie Ltd
Industry Energy, metals and mining, chemicals, renewables Research & Consulting
Founded 1973[1]
Headquarters Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Key people
Neal Anderson, President
Owner Verisk Analytics, Inc
Website www.woodmac.com

Wood Mackenzie is a global[2] energy, chemicals, renewables, metals and mining research and consultancy group[3][4] with an international reputation for supplying comprehensive data, written analysis and consultancy advice.[5] In 2015, the company was acquired by Verisk Analytics, an American data analytics and risk assessment firm, in a deal valued at $2.8 billion.[6]

It is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, though it has over 25 offices worldwide. The company's energy business was founded in 1973, when it started reviewing the North Sea oilfields. Between 2007 and 2014, Wood Mackenzie acquired coal specialists Hill & Associates in the US, Barlow Jonker in Australia, and Brook Hunt, the UK-based metals analysts. [7][8][9]

Since 2015 a host of companies have become part of Wood Mackenzie including PSG, a petroleum database service; PCI, the specialist chemicals analysis group; and Greentech Media [2].


The company was sold in 1987 to County Natwest by Trustee Savings Bank.[10] In a 2003 report the company claimed that 25 of the largest oil companies had "destroyed value in 50 of the 80 countries they have invested in over the past six years".[11] In a report from the company in 2005 it was discovered that Bangladesh will fail to meet natural gas demands by 2023.[4] In 2007 a report from the company on the Alberta oil sands said "higher royalties will have the biggest impact on high-cost, low-margin projects" this sparked what has been described as a "furious debate" within the oil industry.[12]

In 2012, Hellman & Friedman acquired Wood Mackenzie from Charterhouse Capital Partners.[13]

Detailed History:[14]

1973: North Sea Service, Wood Mackenzie's first industry research offering, was launched

1986: Wood Mackenzie purchased by Hill Samuel, the UK merchant bank, with successive ownership by NatWest and Bankers Trust

1999: Bankers Trust (including Wood Mackenzie) purchased by Deutsche Bank

2001: Management and employee buy-out from Deutsche Bank backed by the Bank of Scotland

2005: Refinancing deal, involving Candover Partners acquiring equity through the exit of Bank of Scotland

2007: Creation of coal team via acquisitions of Hill & Associates and Barlow Jonker. Divestment of Life Sciences division

2008: Creation of metals team via acquisition of Brook Hunt

2009: Refinancing deal, involving Charterhouse Capital Partners acquiring the majority equity stake in the business through the exit of Candover

2010: Acquisition of PetroPlan Refinery Model

2012: Refinancing deal, involving Hellman & Friedman acquiring majority shareholding whilst Charterhouse Capital Partners retained a minority stake

2015: Acquisition of Deloitte's Petroleum Services Group (PSG), a specialised oil and gas information business including a widely respected database of Exploration & Production (E&P) information

2015: Acquisition of Wood Mackenzie by Verisk Analytics

2015: Acquisition of Infield Systems, a leading independent provider of business intelligence, analysis, and research to the oil, gas, and associated marine industries

2015: Acquisition of PCI Chemicals, an industry-leading chemicals business that offers integrated data and subscriptions research in the chemicals, fibers, films, and plastics sectors

2016: Acquisition of Greentech Media, an industry-leading information services provider for the next-generation electricity and renewables sector


•Neal Anderson, President [3]

•Mark Brinin, Finance Director


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