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Coordinates: 1°26′6″N 103°47′12″E / 1.43500°N 103.78667°E / 1.43500; 103.78667 The Woodlands Regional Library (Chinese: 兀兰区域图书馆; Malay: Perpustakaan Wilayah Woodlands) is a regional public library in Woodlands in the North Region of Singapore. It is located within the premises of the Woodlands Civic Centre, near Causeway Point. The library has a floor space of 11,100 square metres and currently has 540,000 items in its collection. It is located at Civic Centre.


When it was opened on April 28, 2001 by the then-Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan, Woodlands Regional Library was the biggest library in Singapore, with four floors.[1] The 16-storey National Library, located on Victoria Street and opened in 2005, is currently the largest.


Woodlands Regional Library occupies four floors within Woodlands Civic Plaza including a basement level.


The basement consists of an auditorium with 250 seats.

First floor[edit]

Also known as the Lifestyle section, the first level of the library is where the multimedia section is situated in. It has many collections of CDs, DVDs and magazines and newspapers. As of April 1, 2009, the listening posts in the library are now defunct. This level also consists of Cafe Galilee as well as a few counters for borrowing books.

Second floor[edit]

The second floor is where the Reference section and self-contained multimedia booths for surfing the Internet[2] are located. It has a wide collection of reference books, CDs and magazines which cannot be loaned from this level. There are also research carrels for people who want to conduct research, and a photocopy machine in one corner of the level.The Young People's section are also located on this level.

Third floor[edit]

The third level is the section for adult fiction and non-fiction in Singaporeʻs four national languages; English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil, and also has counters for borrowing books, like those in the first floor. It also has a Quiet Reading Room for people who want to read quietly.

Fourth floor[edit]

The fourth level is where the children section is. It also has a small garden-like feature, called the Enchanted Tree as well as the Children's Reading Park.


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