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Word on Fire is a Catholic media organization founded by Robert Barron that focuses on using digital and traditional media to explain Catholicism to the broader world.[1] Word on Fire rose to prominence through Barron's work as a priest that engages with new media, and has been noted as an effective model for distributing information about Catholicism to the public.[2]

Media formats[edit]

Initially Barron worked through radio and television, hosting the Word on Fire radio show on Relevant Radio and the Word on Fire with Father Barron television show on WGN America. Barron eventually expanded to online distribution through social media, and is active with distributing videos on YouTube.[3] In addition to this, Word on Fire distributes spiritual media as DVDs and books for individual and group study.

Catholicism Series[edit]

In 2011, Word on Fire published Catholicism, a ten-part series that explores the cultural, spiritual, and historical elements of Catholicism on DVD.[3] The series was also broadcast on PBS, and prompted PBS's ombudsmen to issue a statement clarifying to the public that it was not produced using PBS funding, which some viewers having expressed that as a concern.[4]


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