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Industry Technology, software as a service (SaaS)
Founder Barrie Hadfield
Headquarters London, E1
United Kingdom
Area served
Legal Services, Professional Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Key people
Barrie Hadfield (CTO), Anthony Foy (CEO)

File Comparison, Secure File Transfer, Client Extranet, File & Metadata Security, File Syncing & DMS Mobility,

Checklist and Closing Binders
Services Document comparison, document collaboration

Workshare is a provider of secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration[1] applications.[2] Workshare allows individuals to create, share, and manage high-value content from any device. Content owners are able to track and compare changes in documents from contributors simultaneously.[3]


In 1999, UK technology entrepreneur Barrie Hadfield co-founded Workshare, a provider of client-server document comparison software.[4] Workshare’s applications are used by legal and professional services organizations to track changes in contracts and documents. In 2012, Workshare merged with Skydox,[5] also founded by Barrie Hadfield, a provider of cloud-enabled document collaboration software for the enterprise sector. Scottish Equity Partners and Business Growth Fund[6] invested £20m in the deal.[7]

Workshare also acquired IdeaPlane, an enterprise social network, in 2012.[8]


  • Workshare Hosted Application: Enterprise file sharing, sync, and collaboration application.[9] Provides secure online workplaces that allow users to access, review and work on content.[10] Multiple storage location options, including public cloud, private cloud or hybrid deployment with on-premises data.[11] Sync devices to access material on various devices.[12] Maintain version history. Active directory single sign-on option available.
  • Workshare File Comparison: Windows-based application for comparing Word documents, PDF and PPT against modified versions.[13] View and manage changes directly in a Deltaview redline.[14] Change category filtering and grouping, with ability to accept and reject changes. Integrates with Outlook, Document Management Systems and Enterprise Content Management Systems. Windows server-based version also available.
  • Workshare Metadata Security: Microsoft Office-based[15] tool for removing metadata and other hidden data from email attachments. Alerts are displayed to the sender when an email attachment (Microsoft Office document) contains hidden metadata.[16] Metadata removal also available as an automated process driven by policy. Desktop version works across Outlook; server-based version works across Microsoft Exchange to remove metadata from mobile email, Web Outlook, and mobile devices.[17]
  • Workshare 9: Workshare's individual applications for document comparison, metadata removal and online file sharing are now delivered in a single, integrated solution called Workshare 9. It can make comparing, reviewing and sharing documents a faster, smarter and simpler experience.[18] Share documents directly from Office apps and ECM/DMS.[19]
  • Workshare Deal Checklist and Closing Binders: Eliminates law firms fixed fee write-offs by automating the manual processes involved in creating checklists, distributing documents and generating deal bibles/closing binders. Admin is significantly reduced to save time and ensure deals come in on budget.[20]
  • Workshare Mobile App:[21][22] App for iOS device and Android. Documents on the online platform are available remotely via the app.[23]

Comparison Products[edit]

  • Workshare Document Comparison: Compare Word and PDF documents.[24]
  • Workshare Document Comparison Server: Document comparison and review tool for corporate intranets, extranets, or content management systems (CMS).
  • Workshare Comparison for PowerPoint.

Other Protection Products[edit]

  • Workshare Protect Server: Metadata removal across an organization. Alerts are sent to the user when an email or Microsoft Office document contains hidden metadata. Works with Microsoft Office.[25] Also works across Outlook, Web Outlook, and BlackBerry devices.

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