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World Chocolate Days, is referred to, in some instances, as International Chocolate Day,[1][2] is an annual observance that occurs globally on '7th of July.[3][4] References to World Chocolate Day being observed on 9th of July have been recorded as early as 2009.[5] Celebration of the day includes the consumption of chocolate.[4] Some references indicate that this day celebrates the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550.[1][6]

Many other chocolate day celebrations exist, such as National Chocolate Day in the United States on 28 October.[7] Confusingly, the U.S. National Confectioners Association lists 13 September as International Chocolate Day.[7]

Other more specific chocolate-themed days are celebrated throughout the world.[8] The West African country, Ghana, the second largest producer of Cocoa celebrates chocolate day on February 14th. In Latvia, World Chocolate day is celebrated on July 11. Others include Bittersweet Chocolate Day on 10 January, Milk Chocolate Day on 28 July, White Chocolate Day on 22 September, and Chocolate Covered Anything Day on 16 December.

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