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This special World Fantasy Award is given for peerless contributions to the fantasy genre, and presented (though not every year) at the annual World Fantasy Convention. Past winners have included authors, artists, and publishers.


The 1978 WFC, held in Fort Worth, Texas, was chaired by Michael Templin. Judges were Charles N. Brown, Carl Jacobi, Stephen King, T. E. D. Klein and Karl Edward Wagner.


The 1979 WFC, held in Providence, Rhode Island, was chaired by Bob Booth. Judges were Poul Anderson, Terry Carr, Dennis Etchison, Elizabeth A. Lynn and Roy A. Squires.


The 1980 WFC, held in Baltimore, Maryland, was chaired by Chuck Miller and Tim Underwood. Judges were Stephen R. Donaldson, Frank Belknap Long, Andrew J. Offutt, Ted White and Susan Wood.


The 1981 WFC, held in Berkeley, California, was chaired by Jack Rems and Jeff Frane. Judges were Paul C. Allen, C. J. Cherryh, Gardner Dozois, Donald M. Grant and Arthur W. Saha.


The 1982 WFC, held in New Haven, Connecticut, was chaired by Norman Hood and Harold Kinney. Judges were Pat Cadigan, Virginia Kidd, Theodore Sturgeon, Douglas E. Winter and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.


The 1983 WFC, held in Chicago, Illinois, was chaired by Robert Weinberg. Judges were Bob Booth, John Coyne, Sharon Jarvis, Alan Ryan and Elizabeth Wollheim.


The 1984 WFC, held in Ottawa, Ontario, was chaired by Rodger Turner and John Bell. Judges were Ellen Asher, Ginjer Buchanan, Les Daniels, Mimi Panitch and George H. Scithers.


The 1985 WFC, held in Tucson, Arizona, was chaired by Randal Rau. Judges were Suzy McKee Charnas, Jo Fletcher, George R. R. Martin, Baird Searles and Terri Windling.


The 1986 WFC, held in Providence, Rhode Island, was chaired by Robert Plante. Judges were Robert A. Collins, Ellen Datlow, Dean R. Koontz, Patricia A. McKillip and Charles de Lint.


The 1987 WFC, held in Nashville, Tennessee, was chaired by Maurine Dorris. Judges were John M. Ford, Paul Hazel, Tappan King, Michael McDowell, and Melissa Ann Singer.


The 1997 WFC, held in London, United Kingdom, was chaired by Jo Fletcher. Judges were Paul Barnett, Nancy A. Collins, Rachel Holmen, Joe R. Lansdale, and Diana L. Paxson.

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