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Citizens for Global Solutions is a grassroots membership organization in the United States that advocates for a democratic federation of nations with enforceable world law to abolish war and global violence in the resolution of disputes, protect universal human rights and freedoms, and restore and sustain the global environment.[1]

The organization’s education fund[2] develops proposals for creating, reforming, and strengthening international laws and institutions and educate Americans about global interdependence. Its political action committee, Global Solutions PAC[3], which is not affiliated with any political party, endorses candidates for Congress based on their record or expressed intention of supporting effective democratic global institutions. CGS also scores members of Congress with a Congressional Report Card.[4]


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Following World War II, the notion of world federalism took root in the formal legal creation and ratification of the United Nations and an entire further system of international organizations. Five world federalist organizations merged in 1947 to form the United World Federalists, Inc., later renamed World Federalists-USA. In 1975, the organization turned its focus to educational activities as the World Federalist Association (WFA), while members who wanted to continue political action efforts formed the Campaign for UN Reform (CUNR). The two groups merged as Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS) in 2003.[5]

In 2006, CGS launched a campaign[6] to prevent the confirmation of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the UN. Bolton, who had been serving in the role as a recess appointment, withdrew from consideration that December.


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