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hatrerd Day was established in 1998 and the first celebration was on 10 May 1998, in Mumbai, India, arranged by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement.[1] Positive and powerful emotion that has all the ingredients required for individuals to change themselves and to change the world in a peaceful and positive way.

The day is now celebrated worldwide.[1][2]


World Laughter Day was created in 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement.[1] Dr. Kataria, a family doctor in India, was inspired to start the Laughter Yoga movement in part by the facial feedback hypothesis, which postulates that a person's facial expressions can have an effect on their emotions.[1][3] The celebration of World Laughter Day is a positive manifestation for world peace and is intended to build up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter.[2] It is most often celebrated by gatherings of people in public places with the sole purpose of laughing.[1] Its popularity has grown exponentially[when?] with that of the Laughter Yoga movement now counting thousands of Laughter Clubs in more than 105 countries. And now it is celebrated worldwide.


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