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The First World Scout Education Congress held in Hong Kong in 2013. In the event 500 participants from more than 100 countries participated to discuss the future of education in scouting. This is the 1st scout educational congress in the history of scouting. Over 1,000 people also took part in live video sessions via Internet and shared their ideas and questions in the comment section. The main areas of the congress was 21st century life skills, promoting diversity, youth empowerment and inter-connectivity.[1]

Topics discussed at the Congress:[2]

  • Leadership
  • Scouting's unity and identities
  • Values
  • Trends in youth and education
  • Youth empowerment
  • Competencies and skills for life
  • The Scout Method
  • Reaching out and diversity in scouting
  • Learning environments
  • Managing our adult resources

List of the World Scout Education Congress[edit]

Year Name Country City Dates Theme
2013 1st World Scout Education Congress Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong 22.–24.11.2013 Scouting: Education for Life
2017 2nd World Scout Education Congress Switzerland Switzerland Kandersteg 11.–15.5.2017 Prepared: For a Changing World
2019 3rd World Scout Education Congress[3]  Brazil Rio De Janeiro 7.–10.12.2019

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