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The World Scout Foundation (WSF) is an international non-profit institution based in Geneva, Switzerland funded in 1969, but reorganized in the current form in 1977. The stated mission of the organization is to develop World Scouting by the provision of financial and other support to help develop the World Scout Movement through the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). The Honorary President is HM Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden who actively participates in the activities of the foundation. The organisation is headed by Chairman Siegfried Wieser, and Director John Geoghegan. [1][2]

The WSF is permanently investing capital donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, governments, and from members of the Scout Movement. Nearly all of the earned profit from investments is donated to the WOSM. The Foundation also seeks non-capital donations to support specific World Scouting projects, such as the Gifts of Peace project.[3]


World Baden-Powell Fellowship[edit]

Total donations in excess of US$ 10,000 entitle donors to membership of the Baden-Powell World Fellowship. The fellowship now has more than 2,200 members in 70 countries and territories.

Honours Programme[edit]

The Honours Programme recognizes those who have attained higher levels of financial support to the World Scout Foundation.

The Benefactors' Circle honours those who have made gifts totaling US$25,000.

The International Circle honours those who have made gifts totaling US$50,000.

The Chairman's Circle honours those who have made gifts totaling US$100,000.

The Regal Circle honours those who have made gifts totaling US$1 million.

Recognition for attainment of these Circles of Membership is given on a special occasion, usually by the Honorary Chairman of the World Scout Foundation. All gifts to the Foundation are counted toward achieving the four Circles of the Honors Programme. These include contributions made to the World Baden-Powell Fellowship, the Royal Birthday Appeal, and the Queen Silvia Fund.

Queen Silvia Fund[edit]

The Queen Silvia Fund is an endowment which enables young handicapped people, worldwide, to benefit through Scouting. It was created as a lasting gift to commemorate the 50th birthday celebration of Queen Silvia of Sweden. The funds slogan is "There can be no task nobler than giving every child a better future."

The initial gifts of over US$100,000 came from members of the World Scout Foundation's - World Baden-Powell Fellowship. Since then the endowment has grown to a quarter of million dollars, and the fund continuously solicit for more donations. The queen personally approves each project grant.

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