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Not to be confused with Wonderbra or Wonder Bar.

Wunderbar may refer to:

  • Wunderbar, a German expression used in English which means "wonderful"
  • Star Bar, a chocolate bar known in Canada and Germany under the name "Wunderbar"
  • "Wunderbar", a song by British punk band Tenpole Tudor
  • "Wunderbar", a song from the Cole Porter musical Kiss Me, Kate
  • "Wunderbar", a song released by German writer Christiane F. under the name "Sentimentale Jugend"
  • "Wunderbar", (Concerto In Koch Minor)" , a bonus track on album Lil' Beethoven by Sparks
  • "Wunderbar", a Film production in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (Kollywood) owned by Actor Dhanush.