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Wunsch Building; the former Bridge Street Methodist Church, the former First Free Congregational Church
First Free Congregational Poly jeh.jpg
Wunsch Building
General information
Architectural style Greek Revival
Town or city Brooklyn, New York
Country United States of America
Construction started 1844
Completed 1847
Client Methodist Episcopal Church of the United States
Technical details
Structural system Masonry

The Wunsch Building of New York University Tandon School of Engineering is the present name of the former Bridge Street Methodist Church, a former Methodist church located at 311 Bridge Street, on the east side between Johnson Street and Myrtle Avenue, in Brooklyn, New York City. The Greek Revival temple was erected 1844. It is also recorded as the First Congregational Church.

The building dates back to 1847 and was the first independent black church in Brooklyn. It was also a stop on the Underground Railroad and has been designated a historic landmark since November 24, 1981.[1]

The former church was recorded in the AIA Guide to NYC (1977) as the NYU Tandon School of Engineering annex. “A Greek Revival temple in brick with wood columns and entablature: chaste, excepting the later Victorian stained glass, which is exuberant even from the outside.”[2][3]

The church building is now called the Wunsch Building and houses the school's Undergraduate Admissions offices. It is used to host many social, cultural, and academic events for the school and community.[4]

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Coordinates: 40°41′39.56″N 73°59′5.49″W / 40.6943222°N 73.9848583°W / 40.6943222; -73.9848583