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Wuri Station
Wuri station platform

Wuri (Chinese: 烏日車站; Hanyu Pinyin: Wūrì Chēzhàn; Tongyong Pinyin: Wurìh Chejhàn) is a railway station on the Taiwan Railways Administration Taichung line) located in Wuri District, Taichung, Taiwan.


One island platform

Train Station
Ground Platform Entrance, Exit, Ticket Gate, and, ticket vending machine, ticket gate, lavatory.
1APlatform Taichung line To ChanghuaKaohsiung directionXinwuri Station
Island Platform
1BPlatform Taichung line To ZhunanTaipei directionDaqing Station


As a minor station, Wuri Station is primarily serviced by Local Trains (區間車). A few times per day a Chu-Kuang Express (莒光號) or a Tzu-Chiang Limited Express (自強號) stops at the station.

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Preceding station ROC Taiwan Railways Administration Logo.svg Taiwan Railways Administration Following station
towards Zhunan
Taichung line Xinwuri
towards Changhua or Zhuifen

Coordinates: 24°06′32.1″N 120°37′20.4″E / 24.108917°N 120.622333°E / 24.108917; 120.622333