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Xiha Life is a multilingual social networking website. It integrates Google's automatic translation software, Google Translate, which enables users to instantly translate comments and posts within the site itself.[1] The user interface has been translated into 42 languages, and the system supports communication in 56 languages.[2] Xiha Life has 750,000 members worldwide, with no single country comprising more than 5% of its membership.[1]

Xiha Life was founded on September 28, 2007, by Jani Penttinen, who serves as its CEO.[3] The name, "Xiha", is Mandarin for "happy" or "joyful".[4] In 2009, Xiha was named one of the Red Herring 100 Europe, an award given to promising European tech companies.[2][5]

Its board includes Jaiku co-founder and former Google Project Manager Jyri Engeström,[3] Jan Achenius and Ville Miettinen.[6] Xiha Life is operated out of Sunnyvale, California, Switzerland, and Finland.[3][6]


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