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XLCubed Ltd
IndustryBusiness intelligence software

XLCubed (XLCubed Ltd) is a business intelligence software and consulting services company. Established in 2001, XLCubed develops business intelligence software (for Microsoft Excel and Web-based reporting) and provides business intelligence and performance management consulting services. The company is privately held and based out of the United Kingdom in the Thames Valley IT corridor.[1]

XLCubed is partnered with Inform Information Systems for Oil and Gas and Energy systems implementation and maintains a number of partnerships for specific market sectors and geographic regions.[2] These include Tagetik in Business performance management[3] and SCIO Health Analytics in the Pharmaceutical industry.[4] With its partners, XLCubed provides services to such companies as BP[5] and Bristol-Myers Squibb.[4]

Focused around the Microsoft BI stack and in-memory OLAP technology, since 2007 XLCubed has expanded its remit to become a leading vendor of data visualization technologies and expertise, being named as one of CIO Review's 100 most promising Microsoft Solution providers in 2015.[6] XLCubed is a Microsoft Gold Partner.[7]

XLCubed software is used by business end users to create dynamic reports, dashboards, and planning solutions which are then deployed either via Microsoft Excel or the Web.[8][9] XLCubed supports Microsoft Excel editions from Excel 2003 to Excel 2016 for querying SQL Server Analysis Services 2000 to 2016 (both multidimensional cubes and tabular models), PowerOLAP, and relational data sources including SQL Server and Oracle.[10][11] XLCubed and similar tools aim to address many of the issues businesses experience with the proliferation of spreadsheets as data stores, or spreadmarts.[12]

After the demise of Microsoft PerformancePoint Planning in early 2009,[13] XLCubed developed the XLCubed PM suite. The XLCubed PM suite uses either Analysis Services or the PowerOLAP in-memory OLAP engine to enable real-time writeback and instant results without the need for batch calculations.


  • 2001 – XLCubed v1 – Formula Based OLAP reporting in Excel
  • 2002 – XLCubed Explorer – Grid based Slice and dice Analytics
  • 2003 – XLCubed v2 for Excel combining the Formula & Grid modes
  • 2004 – XLCubed Web Edition
  • 2005 – XLCubed v3
  • 2007 – XLCubed v4 – MicroChart Integration, fully redesigned Web Edition
  • 2008 – XLCubed v5 – extended feature set, relational support
  • 2009 – XLCubed PM Launched at TDWI, Orlando. Modelling capabilities, PowerOLAP integration
  • 2010 – XLCubed v6 [14]
  • May 2012 – XLCubed v7 – support for SQL Server 2012's BI Semantic Model, and much improved relational reporting[15]
  • September 2012 – XLCubed v7.1 – Treemap and Lollipop visualisations, support for Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013, and ProClarity report conversion [16]
  • December 2012 - XLCubed v7.2 - various minor improvements [17]
  • July 2013 - XLCubed v7.5 - new ad-hoc mode for Web Edition, IPhone, Android and Windows Phone support, PowerPivot support, interactive charting[18]
  • November 2013 - XLCubed v7.6 - custom drilldown (Flex reporting), improved SharePoint integration [19]
  • September 2014 - XLCubed v8 - Updated interface, centralised SQL repository, improved SharePoint integration, Open Data Protocol (OData) support [20][21]
  • July 2015 - XLCubed v8.1 - Viewports, comments and SAP HANA support [22]


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