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XXX may refer to:

Science and technology

  • 30 (number) (Roman numerals: XXX)
  • .xxx, a top-level domain intended as a voluntary option for sexually explicit sites on the Internet
  • Triple X syndrome, a chromosomal variation, often referred to as 47, XXX
  • XXX, a computer programming comment to warn other programmers of problematic or misleading code
  • "no currency" (ISO 4217 code: XXX)
  • "Unspecified nationality" (XXX), on a machine-readable passport

Film and television




Other uses

  • XXX, an indication of urgency in radio communication, less urgent than SOS
  • XXX, three kisses at the end of a letter, text, e-mail, or another form of textual communication
  • XXX, a symbol of the straight edge lifestyle
  • XXX, a reference to Amsterdam, after the three crosses on the Coat of arms of Amsterdam
  • Triplex (espionage), a code name of a British World War II espionage operation

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