Xiah (EP)

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Xiah Jacket A cover
EP by
Released26 May 2010 (2010-05-26)
GenreJ-pop, R&B
LabelRhythm Zone
Kim Junsu chronology

Xiah is the first Japanese EP of Kim Junsu of JYJ. It was released by Rhythm Zone on 26 May 2010 in two versions: Jacket A, a CD+DVD version which includes a music video with 4 tracks, and Jacket B, a CD only version which contains 5 tracks.

Despite having TVXQ's activities on hiatus due to a lawsuit filed by Xiah and two other members of TVXQ (Kim Jaejoong and Park Yuchun) against their South Korean label SM Entertainment, he decided to debut as a solo act in Japan. Prior to its release, 160,000 copies of the album had been pre-ordered. It came in #2 on the Oricon Daily Charts with first day sales amounted to 118, 510 units.


The EP consists of title song "Intoxication", an R&B track and two ballad tracks, "君がいれば~Beautiful Love~" and "悲しみのゆくえ".

"君がいれば~Beautiful Love~" and '"Intoxication" were featured in Bee-TV's drama「君がいれば~Beautiful Love~」, starring JYJ member Yoochun and Japanese actress Aya Ōmasa.[1] The other track in the album, "悲しみのゆくえ" is featured in drama "5年後のラブレター (A Love Letter 5 Years From Now)" as its theme song.[2]

On May 22, Xiah performed '"Intoxication" for the first time at the Girls Awards 2010, a fashion and music event held at Yoyogi First Gymnasium in Japan.[3] The other songs in the EP were also performed at JYJ's four days Thanksgiving Live in Dome Tour concert held at Osaka Dome and Tokyo Dome in June.[4] Xiah also performed "Intoxication" at Avex's nationwide a-nation tour throughout August. In October 2010, Xiah sang the Korean version of "Intoxication" at Kim Junsu Musical Concert, Levay with Friends.

Musical Style[edit]

"Intoxication", the lead track of the album, features a sexual theme based on the lyrics itself. The style is influenced by African-American R&B music and the lyrics are influenced by the world's point of view. The song is meant to give a masculine feel.[5]

"君がいれば~Beautiful Love~" is specially written for the drama「Beautiful Love~君がいれば~」itself. The song's lyrics are based on the drama's plot development, about how Yoonsu (Yoochun), a lonely stuck-up rich tycoon falls in love with a Japanese girl Hinata (Aya Ōmasa).[6]

"悲しみのゆくえ" is a sorrowful song, meant to express the feelings of silent grief. This song is to be the opposite of Intoxication. It depicts a feeling of helplessness.[7]

Track listing[edit]

Jacket A:CD+DVD
2."君がいれば~Beautiful Love~"Shinjiroh InoueShinjiroh Inoue5:02
3."Intoxication (Instrumental)"XiahXiah4:00
4."君がいれば~Beautiful Love~ (Instrumental)"Shinjiroh InoueShinjiroh Inoue4:59
Total length:18:01
Jacket B:CD only
2."悲しみのゆくえ"Shinjiroh InoueShinjiroh Inoue5:30
3."君がいれば~Beautiful Love~ (Short Version)"Shinjiroh InoueShinjiroh Inoue3:44
4."Intoxication (Instrumental)"XiahXiah4:00
5."悲しみのゆくえ (Instrumental"Shinjiroh InoueShinjiroh Inoue5:30
Total length:22:44