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Xpertdoc Technologies Inc.
Industry Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Legal, Government, Manufacturing, Distribution, Real Estate
Predecessor Process Academy Inc.
Founded 2000
Founder Francis Dion and Eveline d'Orvilliers
Headquarters Terrebonne, Quebec, Montreal, Canada
Area served
Products Software
Website xpertdoc.com

Xpertdoc Technologies Inc. is a global company which operates in the Information and Communications Technology (I.C.T), providing an IT solution for document automation and customer communications management.[1] Xpertdoc is headquartered in Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada.

The company has developed the Xpertdoc solution, which provides capabilities for creating, editing, assembling, reviewing, producing, distributing, signing and archiving of client documents.[2] It leverages Microsoft's products, such as Word, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Microsoft Azure.[3][4][5][6] The solution is mainly targeted towards insurance companies, but is also suitable for government and the banking, financial, manufacturing, and real-estate industries.[7]

Francis Dion, Chief Executive Officer, and Eveline d'Orvilliers, Vice-President, are founders of Xpertdoc.


The applications included in the Xpertdoc platform are Template Designer, Document Output Engine, Template Manager, Document Services, Content Auditor, Visual Auditor, Electronic Signature, and High Volume Print Management. All of these applications are modular in nature but pre-integrated on the same platform.[8]


In 2000, Francis Dion and Eveline d'Orvilliers found Process Academy Inc. Seven years later, the company is renamed Xpertdoc Technologies, following the arrival of a new Word file format, the .docx, which is introduced by Microsoft under the Office Open XML standard. The company launches Xpertdoc Studio 2007, a tool that integrates with Microsoft Word and allows the production of automated business documents.[9] The same year, Xpertdoc is certified a Microsoft Gold partner.[10]

In 2009, Xpertdoc receives financial support from private investors and from local and government funding agencies;[11] the company doubles in size and its market expands across Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.[12] Xpertdoc launches the online service Word as a Service. This portal automates the creation of business documents and converts Word files to e-mail and PDF format.[13] Founder and CEO, Francis Dion, is named "business economic personality of the year."[14]

The next year, Xpertdoc is nominated at the Concours des Octas 2010, an annual event organised by Réseau Action TI. Its software solution, developed in collaboration with Aon, is nominated in the "Business Solution - Packages" category.[15] Xpertdoc, as well as a number of organizations and companies from the Lanaudière region (just north of Montreal) launch the TIenrégion.com website. This magazine blog for information technology specialists aims to promote work and companies in the region.[16]

In 2012, Barack Obama's health care reform, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, prompts Xpertdoc to develop a cloud solution designed to help Health Insurers meet the production requirements of the standardized reports mandate.[17]

A year later, Xpertdoc rethinks the architecture of its Customer Communications Software, which it programs in HTML5 to make it compatible with mobile devices.[18] The company's solution for Dynamics CRM receives the Microsoft Dynamics certification.[19] The company also partners with the Insurance Services Office (ISO) and the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS), which allows property and casualty clients to have access to standardised forms issued by the American organizations.[20][21]

In September 2013, the analyst firm Strategy Meets Action announces that Xpertdoc has won the SMA Innovation in Action 2013 award in the Solutions Providers category[22] for its patent-pending[23] forms and template migration solution.[24] The company also wins the Technology Innovation award, given during the Gala du 30e Reflet économique des Moulins.[25]

In 2014, Xpertdoc partners with Adminovate. Together, they offer life insurance companies a cloud solution that integrates the former's Customer Communications Management platform with the latter's policy administration system (PAS).[26] OneShield also partners with the Canadian company, bringing to the market a joint PAS and document management solution offering for Property and Casualty insurers.[27] Xpertdoc receives the XCelent Functionality award from Celent, an analyst firm, for the functionality and configurability of its software as a whole.[28]

In 2015, Xpertdoc achieves compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – an information security standard.[29] In November, the company receives the MercadOr Award for Market Diversification from the Société de développement international de Lanaudière (SODIL), in recognition of its global expansion.[30] It expands its market in both the American and Canadian insurance industries.[31][32][33][34]

At the beginning of 2016, Xpertdoc receives a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its proprietary document migration technology.[35] It announces expansion of its C-suite with the addition of three executives.[36] In August, Xpertdoc wins the Silver Partner Award, granted by the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP),[37] and joins Microsoft's Enterprise Cloud Alliance.[38] With a five-year revenue growth of 460%,[39] the company ranks 148 on Canadian Business's 2016 PROFIT 500.[40] It moves headquarters in a new building.[41]

In 2017, Xpertdoc's employees form a cooperative of employee shareholders through which they collectively own 16% of the company's shares.[42] Its Customer Communications Management platform for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available to Canadian government agencies under the Government of Canada Software Licensing Supply Arrangement (SLSA).[43] Ranked 135 on the 2017 PROFIT 500,[44] Xpertdoc secures $2.3 million in mezzanine financing from BDC Capital.[45]


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