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TypeToy gun
CompanyThe Maya Group
CountryUnited States
MaterialsPlastic (guns)
Water (pellets)
Slogan"More Distance. More Ammo."
Official website

Xploderz is a line of toy weapons made by The Maya Group to compete with Hasbro's Nerf Super Soaker line and marketed as a safer alternative to paintball.[1] The concept is based on Orbeez, a girls' toy line also by The Maya Group that uses water-absorbent pellets,[2] and hence is sometimes referred to as "Orbeez ball shooters".

The ammunition used is what the Maya Group calls "H2Grow Technology", wherein superabsorbent polymer pellets (containing sodium polyacrylate, sodium hydroxide and colorings) grow into spherical hydrogel shots around 7 ~ 11 mm in size after being immersed in water for about three hours. Unlike airsoft and paintball pellets, the hydrogel shots are quickly biodegradable, easy to clean off clothing, and will not cause any bodily injury due to their softness and readily tendency to fragment upon impact.[1][3]


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