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xrdp logo
XRDP Screenshot.png
XRDP v0.9.1 running on Debian
Original author(s)Jay Sorg
Developer(s)xrdp Team
Initial release2004; 17 years ago (2004)
Stable release
0.9.15 / 28 December 2020; 4 months ago (2020-12-28)
Written inC, Assembly
Operating systemUnix-like
Size> 2.5 MB
Typeremote desktop software
LicenseApache, GNU Public License

xrdp is a free and open-source implementation of Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) server that enables operating systems other than Microsoft Windows (such as Linux and BSD-style operating systems) to provide a fully functional RDP-compatible remote desktop experience.[1][2][3][4] It works by bridging graphics from the X Window System to the client and relaying controls from the client back to X.

According to the developers, the protocol works with rdesktop, FreeRDP and Microsoft's own Remote Desktop Client.[5]


The project was started in mid-2004 by Jay Sorg [6] based on the work of rdesktop and FreeRDP that had previously explored implementations of the proprietary Remote Desktop Protocol, including RemoteFX.

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