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Grape (Vitis)
Xynisteri 1.jpg
Origin Cyprus
Notable regions Troodos mountain range
Notable wines Commandaria, Xynisteri

Xynisteri (also spelled xinisteri; Greek: ξυνιστέρι) is an indigenous[1] white grape[2] grown on Cyprus.

According to some estimates, 33% of Cypriot vineyards,[3] on the south slopes of the Troodos mountain range are planted with this grape variety, a fact that makes Xynisteri the main white grape grown of Cyprus.[4][5]

Its clusters and berries are of medium size while it is known for its durability against wine diseases.[5] It is used in the production of several local (mainly white) wines. Xynisteri is blended with Mavro grapes for the production of the Commandaria,[1] a wellknown Cypriot dessert wine and it is also used for the production of the local spirit Zivania.[5]


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