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Yamaguchi opening rule is a renju opening rule. It was developed by Japanese player Yusui Yamaguchi.

Rule details[edit]

The sequence of moves implied by the rule follows.

  • The first player (tentative black) puts one of the 26 openings and declares how many 5th moves will be offered in that game.
  • The next player (tentative white) has a right to swap.
  • The white player puts the 4th move anywhere on the board.
  • The black player puts as many 5th moves on the board as it was declared before (symmetrical moves not allowed).
  • The white player chooses one 5th from these offerings and plays the 6th move.

Brief description[edit]

This rule is very close to an old RIF opening rule and therefore favorited. It gives an average variety of new playable variants in a good number of openings, but some of them (13ths and some others) don't become playable. More, this opening rule doesn't protect players from a 11D-draw variants.[1][2]

Tournaments played by this rule[edit]

This opening rule is official opening rule for Renju World Championships and Renju Team World Championships since 2009.

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