Yammie Lam

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Yammie Lam
Chinese name 藍潔瑛 (traditional)
Chinese name 蓝洁瑛 (simplified)
Pinyin Lán Jíeyīng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Laam2 Git2 Ying1 (Cantonese)
Born (1964-04-27) 27 April 1964 (age 53)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actress
Years active 1984 - 2004
Ancestry Chaozhou, Guangdong (Hakka)

Yammie Lam Kit-ying (born 27 April 1964), also known as Yammie Nam, is a former Hong Kong TVB actress, most notable for her performances in The Greed of Man and Looking Back In Anger.


Lam first joined TVB in 1983, and graduated from the TVB actor training class a few months later along with fellow actress Margie Tsang. She did a number of movies as well as TVB serials, soon becoming well known as one of the TVB's 5 Dragon Girls.

Personal life[edit]

Lam is of Chaozhou Hakka ancestry. In 1995 and 1996, Lam's parents died in succession. It was said she broke up with her boyfriend afterwards. In 1998, she got into a car accident. She was admitted into a mental institution in 1999. Her stage career was completely shattered by then despite her showing up in a few TV serials or movies afterwards.

In 2008, Lam was found wandering in the street smoking heavily and in her nightgown.[1] Police later arrived after responding to a concerned pedestrian's call and sent her to Sheung Shui station.[1]

Adjudicated bankrupt in 2006, Lam is currently living on state welfare of HK$3,700 monthly.

In December 2013, Next Magazine conducted an interview with her where she said that she had been raped by two Hong Kong entertainment industry "big brothers" 20 years ago. According to this interview, one of the "big brother" raped her had already died not long ago, the other man raped during a film production in Singapore.[2]



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