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Yatin Patel
Born India
Known for Photography
Notable work Sutra Series
Website www.yatinpatel.com

Yatin Patel is an Orlando-based photographer, internet entrepreneur and native of India. Patel has created a series of internet companies, but his focus on art has remained consistent throughout his career.[1] Patel believes that a creative outlet helps in business endeavours.[2]

In 2011 Yatin Patel launched work from his personal "Sutra" series of photos.[3] Patel's primary goal is to raise awareness of his photography – which focuses on various aspects of Indian society, culture and history. Through his Art & Philanthropy initiative Yatin actively supports many local and national charitable organisations,[4] bringing awareness to their cause.


Born in India, Patel has a personal connection to the locations that he photographs. Patel explains that his main motivation behind shooting in India is his fascination with how, after thousands of years, India's original environment, and its habitants, have organically evolved in time to find a delicate balance between tradition and modernism, without compromise.[5] Patel's passion, then, is to document this coalescence of old Indian traditions and modern lifestyles.

Sutra series[edit]

A Sanskrit word, "Sutra" translates to a "thread or line that holds things together."

A collection of shops and signs as seen in Ahmedabad, India.
A collection of shops and signs as seen in India.

The Sutra project employs high dynamic range imaging, which is a photographic style that evenly distributes exposure in all parts of an image. Thus, there are few dark spaces, lending photographs a more artistic feel. Ultimately, the series attempts to explore the harmony that exists between old Indian traditions and a move toward modernism.

"Sutra" also focuses on Ahmedabad, which is a partitioned city; there are gated communities, small pockets of varying culture and hidden courtyards. The images, just like the city, are complicated works that include buildings stacked upon one another, dark passageways and widely varying kinds of architecture throughout.

Currently on display in Mount Dora, Fla., Patel eventually plans on travelling around the world with his photo collection.[6]

A child stands in a doorway in this HDR image taken in India.
A child stands in a doorway Ahmedabad.

Printing style[edit]

Some of the "Sutra" series of prints have been printed on Japanese kozo paper (also known as rice paper), which is a flexible medium for printing. Made from the mulberry plant, kozo paper is ideal for printing in that it doesn't use chlorine bleaching and is stronger than regular papers.

The prints themselves are produced by Cone Editions Press (by Jon Cone), which has been pioneering computer printmaking since 1984. Patel saw this is a beneficial partnership, as the high dynamic range of his photographs would benefit from a refined and well-established digital printing process. The prints of the highest possible printing quality and the style helps to bring out color and shadow elements within Patel's images.[7]


The Sutra collection is also a platform that was created to inspire society towards charitable giving. Through his art Yatin has collaborated with several foundations to raise awareness and funds for their respective causes.[8] Yatin has partnered with many philanthropic organisations like the Boy Scouts of America, The Annika Sörenstam Foundation, Kerosene Lamp Foundation, March of Dimes Foundation and Florida Hospital for Children.[9]


Patel's photography has been shown in a number of Orlando-based events. Many of Patel's photographic exhibitions have been in co-operation with Orlando charity or benefit organisations.[10]

Patel's Sutra collection was on display at the Mount Dora Center for the Arts[11] from 26 April 2013 through 7 June 2013.[12][13]

The Orlando Magic's Director of Player Development, Adonal Foyle, held a fundraiser in Sept. 2011 for his Kerosene Lamp Foundation. Patel's photographic work was shown at this event.[14][15]


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