Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam

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Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam
Shinever Rov
Term1857 – 19 December 1898
Full nameYechezkel Shraga Halberstam
Main workDivrei Yechezkel
Died(1898-12-19)19 December 1898
Predecessor(founder of dynasty)
SuccessorMoshe Halberstam of Shinova
FatherChaim Halberstam
MotherRuchl Frenkl-Thumim
Wife 1Toube Lipszyc
Children 1Naftoli Halberstam
Wife 2Brandl Eichenstein
Wife 3??? Silberstein
Children 3Moshe Halberstam of Shinova
(wife of Pinchos Thumim-Frenkl)
Simcha Yisochor Ber Halberstam of Cieszanow
Avrohom Sholom Halberstam
Arye Leybish Halberstam
Beyla Halberstam
Naftali Rubin Rov in Vishnitza
??? Bindiger

Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam (1813–1898), known as the Shinever Rov (Rabbi of Sieniawa), was the eldest son of the Divrei Chaim, Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz. He was famous for his disagreements with his father on matters of halakha (Jewish Law). Rabbi Yechezkel was a student of Rabbi Osher Yeshaya of Ropshitz, Rabbi Hersh of Rymanow and the Sar Shulem of Belz.


Yechezkel Shraga was born in Tarnogród, Poland. At the age of 15 he married Toube, the daughter of Rabbi Arye Leib Lipszyc, author of Arye Devei Ilo'o.

He served as the rabbi of Ridnik until 1849, when he was appointed as the rabbi of Rozdol. At age 42, he became the Rabbi of Shinova where he served until 1868. He then served as the rabbi of Stropkov. He returned to Shinova in 1881.

He became known as a rabbi of rabbis, since other famous rabbis wishing to honour him, visited him. His Torah thoughts were collected in Divrei Yechezkel, which contains his commentary on the weekly parsha, responsa and minhagim, as well as a collection of his letters.

When he visited Israel, he founded the Sanzer Kloiz in Safed.[1]

He had several sons; all of whom served as rabbis across Eastern Europe. His second son, Rabbi Moishe Halberstam, succeeded him as Rabbi of Shinova after his death on the 6th of Tevet 5659 (19 December 1898).