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Yehuda Berg, 2012

Yehuda Berg is the son of Philip Berg the founder of the Kabbalah Centre and is co-director of the centre with his brother, Michael Berg.

With his mother Karen Berg and other family members, he has taken on a greater leadership role in the Kabbalah Centre in recent years.

Yehuda Berg is an author. His book, The Power of Kabbalah, became an international best-seller[1] and his recent published book, The 72 Names of God, also is a best-seller.[1] He also directs the publishing of books by other authors, audio and videotapes created by the Kabbalah Centre.

Yehuda Berg was named Number 4 in Newsweek's list of America's Top 50 Rabbis.[2]

In 2009, GQ magazine's The Gentlemen's Fund honored him for being an Agent of Change in the field of Education.

Yehuda Berg writes a blog.[3]

In February 2009, Yehuda Berg launched a radio show on Sirius XM's Stars Channel entitled The Life You Create. The guest on the first show was Ashton Kutcher.


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