Yeti (magazine)

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YETI magazine
EditorMike McGonigal
CategoriesMusic, Culture
PublisherYETI Publishing
Year founded2000
CountryUnited States
Based inPortland

YETI magazine is a journal focused on art, music and literature, based in Portland, Oregon, United States. It is published by YETI publishing (who have also published books by Luc Sante, Tara Jane O'Neil and Jana Martin). YETI was founded in Seattle, Washington by Mike McGonigal,[1] author of the 33⅓ book on the album Loveless, former editor of '80s 'zine Chemical Imbalance, and a freelance writer (including contributions to Pitchfork Media).[2] The magazine features various articles, interviews, artwork, poetry, novel excerpts, and more, from contributors including:

Each magazine is packaged with a compilation music CD, featuring rare and/or previously unreleased tracks. Musical contributors to the magazine have included: