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Hannover's mayor Bernd Strauch welcoming Atheel al-Nujaifi, governor of Nineveh, at the Ezidische Akademie in 2014.

The Yezidi Academy (German: Jesidische Akademie) is a non-profit organization and learned society based in Hanover, Germany.

The organization was founded in 2009, it concerns itself with the historical and actual situation of the Yazidi. Since then, it has also published the German-language magazine Zeitschrift der Ezidischen Akademie. Forum für Diskussionsbeiträge zum Ezidentum.[1] It also hosts the Yezidi Library that had been established in 2007.

The Yezidi Academy is a member of the network of migrants initiatives MiSO.[2] It offers literacy and German courses as well as legal counselling for asylum seekers.[3]

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