Yi Jaegwan

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Yi Jaegwan
Hangul 이재관
Hanja 李在寬
Revised Romanization I Jae-gwan
McCune–Reischauer Yi Chaegwan
Pen name
Hangul 소당
Hanja 小塘
Revised Romanization Sodang
McCune–Reischauer Sodang
Courtesy name
Hangul 원강
Hanja 元剛
Revised Romanization Wongang
McCune–Reischauer Wŏn'gang
Portrait of a Confucian scholar by Yi Jaegwan, British Museum
Portrait of Kang Io by Yi Jaegwan

Yi Jaegwan (1783–1837) was a painter of the late Joseon period. Yi taught himself but excelled at almost all kind of genres in painting such as sansuhwa and inmulhwa.

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