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Location of Yli-Kitka.
Location Kuusamo, Posio
Coordinates 66°08′N 028°32′E / 66.133°N 28.533°E / 66.133; 28.533Coordinates: 66°08′N 028°32′E / 66.133°N 28.533°E / 66.133; 28.533
Primary outflows Kitkanjoki
Basin countries Finland
Surface area 237.31 km2 (91.63 sq mi)[1]
Surface elevation 240.4 m (789 ft)[1]
References [1]

Yli-Kitka is a lake in Finland, in the municipalities of Kuusamo and Posio. The lake is connected to Ala-Kitka at Kilkilösalmi strait. Yli-Kitka combined with Ala-Kitka is the largest unregulated lake in Finland. Together they are called Kitkajärvi or simply Kitka. Riisitunturi National Park is located north of the lake. From Ala-Kitka the waters flow through the Kitkanjoki river to the Oulankajoki river which is part of the Kovda River basin that drains into the White Sea in Russia.


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