Yo-Yo (album)

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Studio album by The Choirboys
Released 1996
Label Camouflage
Producer Peter Blyton
The Choirboys chronology
Dancing on the Grave of Rock n' Roll

Yo-Yo was released by Australian hard rock group The Choirboys in 1996 and is the follow-up to their previous studio album, Dancing on the Grave of Rock n' Roll.[1][2] The album was recorded in Cologne, Germany with producer Peter Blyton. "Solo" was released as a single in December and soon after, drummer Barton Price left the group.[2]

A limited edition twin-CD package of Yo-Yo and Dancing on the Grave of Rock n' Roll was also released. Yo-Yo didn't get the publicity of their early albums and failed to make an impact in the charts when it was released.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lonely"
  2. "Angeline"
  3. "One Way Street"
  4. "Drops Like a Stone"
  5. "Gone"
  6. "White Trash"
  7. "Solo"
  8. "Can't Believe"
  9. "This Is My Summer"
  10. "Amsterdam"
  11. "Knife"
  12. "Zanzibar"
  13. "Mary's Wall"



  • Mark Gable – vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Ian Hulme – vocals, bass guitar
  • Richard Lara – guitar
  • Barton Price – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Production details

  • Producer – Peter Blyton


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