Yoga for Indie Rockers

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Yoga for Indie Rockers
Yoga-For-Indie-Rockers art.jpg
DVD box. Designed by Robert Anthony Jr. Photos by Daniel Giberson, Carlos Batts.
Directed by Matt Pizzolo
Produced by Matt Pizzolo
Brian Giberson
Starring Chaos
Rage Burner
Karri Langlois
Kristina Sefeldt
Distributed by HALO 8 Entertainment
Release date
October 30, 2007
Running time
45 min.
Country  United States
Language English

Yoga For Indie Rockers is a fitness video that matches a traditional yoga workout with contemporary indie rock music and attitude.

The DVD features certified yoga instructor Chaos running a hardbody yoga workout with three students: Rage Burner (advanced), Karri Langlois (beginner), and Kristina Sefeldt (intermediate). The DVD also features a Beginner's Session and three audio "channels" of musical soundscapes: indie, pop-punk, and electro.[1][2][3][4]

The DVD was released on October 30, 2007 by HALO 8 Entertainment. Its sister release Pilates For Indie Rockers was released on November 13, 2007.

Track listing[edit]

Music Channel 1[edit]

  1. From The Bottom Of This Bottle - Crash Romeo (opening sequence)
  2. People Are So Fickle - Kevin Devine
  3. It Could Be Easy - House of Fools
  4. Space Invaders - Knifeyhead
  5. Apocalypse Blaze - The PoPo
  6. Going Nowhere - modwheelmood
  7. City Of Echoes - Pelican
  8. No Girl In My Plan - Two Lone Swordsmen
  9. Shooting The Breeze With An Air Rifle - The Stay Lows
  10. Unretrofied - The Dillinger Escape Plan
  11. Wisdom 05 - Enduser (closing meditation)

Music Channel 2[edit]

  1. Running Out Of Time - Roses Are Red
  2. Glass Figurines - DoubleheadeR
  3. We Declare War - Hello Nurse
  4. Heading West - Crash Romeo
  5. Ultra High - Paulson
  6. Kiss The Wake - Criteria
  7. New Man - Alec Empire
  8. Black Picket Fences - Novemberkills
  9. Stepping Stone - Jet Lag Gemini
  10. Sea Legs - Ladyfinger
  11. Once We Had A Word For This - Sorry About Dresden

Music Channel 3[edit]

  1. On A Bus In Brighton - Enduser
  2. Flexture - Edgey
  3. Pericardial Space - Stephen James Knight
  4. G.H.U. - Defragmentation
  5. Cavity - Edgey
  6. Lighter Days - Stephen James Knight
  7. Path Of Violence - Enduser


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