Yoichi Nishimaru

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Yoichi Nishimaru
Native name 西丸與一
Born (1927-03-14) March 14, 1927 (age 90)
Occupation Physician, university professor, author
Known for Medical jurisprudence
Title Professor emeritus
Academic background
Education Yokohama City University
Alma mater Yokohama City University
Academic work
Discipline Medicine
Sub-discipline Medical jurisprudence
Institutions Yokohama Medical University, Yokohama City University,
Some infobox data has been translated from the Japanese Wikipedia

Yoichi Nishimaru (西丸 與一, Nishimaru Yoichi, born March 1927 in Yokohama) is a Japanese physician specializing in medical jurisprudence.[1] His books were so popular that they became best-sellers in Japan.[1]


Nishimaru studied Medicine at Yokohama Medical College (present-day Yokohama City University School of Medicine), and was appointed Professor of medical jurisprudence there in 1973.[1] While working at Yokohama City University, he wrote some enlightening essays on forensic medicine, including Afternoon in the Forensic Medicine Classroom which was made into a TV program in Japan.[2] After retiring from Yokohama City University and becoming Professor Emeritus, he became a ship's doctor.


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