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Yokohama City University
Kanazawa-Hakkei Campus
Motto in English
Emphasis on education, student-centeredness, and local contribution
PresidentYoshinobu Kubota[1]
Academic staff
687 [2]
Undergraduates4152 [3]
Postgraduates703 [3]
Location, ,
MascotYochy (Ginkgo)[4]

Yokohama City University (YCU) (横浜市立大学, Yokohama Shiritsu Daigaku) is a public university, in Yokohama, Japan.[5] As of 2013, YCU has two faculties with a total of around 4,850 students, 111 of whom are foreign.[6] YCU also has four campuses (Kanazawa-Hakkei, Fukuura, Maioka and Tsurumi) and two hospitals (YCU Hospital and YCU Medical Center). YCU is a member of the Port-City University League (PUL),[7] and a core member of the Japanese University Network in the Bay Area (JUNBA).[8] In 2017, YCU has been ranked #16th among "world's best small universities" in 2016-2017 (Times Higher Education),[9] ranked at 23rd among life sciences institutes in Japan (Nature Index 2016).[10]


From Yokohama School of Commerce to Yokohama City University[edit]

The predecessor of YCU, the Yokohama School of Commerce (橫濱商法學校, Yokohama Shōhō Gakkō), was founded in 1882, initially maintained by an association of local merchants. In 1888, the school was renamed Yokohama Commercial School (橫濱商業學校, Yokohama Shōgyō Gakkō), a five-year school for boys (ages 14–19 or above). In 1917, Yokohama Commercial School was municipalized and in 1921 it became a seven-year commercial school (for ages 12–19 or above). The Ministry of Education urged the school to shorten the curriculum by two years, as Japanese Commercial School Regulations (1921) did not specify a seven-year course for commercial schools. In 1924, it became a five-year school with a two-year specialized course. In 1928, the specialized course became the Yokohama City College of Commerce (橫濱市立橫濱商業專門學校, Yokohama Shiritsu Yokohama Shōgyō Gakkō). In 1949, it was renamed Yokohama City Economics College and reorganized into Yokohama City University under Japan's new educational system.

From Juzen Hospital to Yokohama City University[edit]

Another predecessor of YCU was founded in 1874 as Juzen Hospital (十全醫院, Jūzen Iin). This hospital was municipalized in 1891. In 1944, Yokohama Municipal Medical College (橫濱市立醫學專門學校, Yokohama Shiritsu Igaku Senmon Gakkō)) was established, and Juzen Hospital became a college hospital. In 1947, after World War II, the medical college became Yokohama Medical School (横浜医科大学, Yokohama Ika Daigaku), a municipal university. Its three-year preparatory course was established in 1947, and the four-year main course was established in 1949. In 1952, the medical school was merged with Yokohama City University.

Recent history[edit]

In 1949, YCU had one faculty: the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. In 1952, two faculties were added (School of Medicine and Faculty of Literature and Science). The subsequent history of YCU is as follows.

  • 1984: Kihara Institute for Biological Research (KIBR) was transferred to YCU.
  • 1995: Faculty of Literature and Science was reorganized into two faculties: Faculty of International Liberal Arts and Faculty of Science.
  • 2005: Three faculties (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Sciences, and Faculty of Humanities and International Studies) were integrated. International College of Arts and Sciences was established.
  • 2005: Yokohama City University College of Nursing was transferred to YCU, and four-year Nursing Course was established.[citation needed]
  • 2005: The Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate School of Business Administration, the Graduate School of Integrated Science, and the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies were integrated. International Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was established.
  • 2006: Advanced Medical Research Center (AMRC) was established.
  • 2007: YCU California Office was established as a core member of Japanese University Network in the Bay Area (JUNBA) in Santa Clara, California.[11]
  • 2009: International Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was reorganized and divided into the Graduate School of Urban Social and Cultural Studies, the Graduate School of Nanobioscience and the Graduate School of International Management.
  • 2011: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) began the international project for the Development of Wheat Breeding Materials for Sustainable Food Production through KIBR.[12]
  • 2012: Division of Global Urban and Regional Studies was established.[13]
  • 2013: Graduate School of Medical Life Science was established.[14]
  • 2014: YCU concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) relating to implementation of the “International College Program with Academic Training at Walt Disney World Resort” with Valencia College.[15][16]
  • 2018: The School of Data Science was established.
  • 2019: International College of Arts and Sciences was reorganized and divided into School of International Liberal Arts, School of Economics and Business Administration, and School of Science.


Kanazawa-Hakkei Campus[edit]

Kanazawa-Hakkei Campus
The clock tower in autumn
Science Research Building in Kanazawa-hakkei Campus

The Kanazawa-Hakkei Campus in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama is one of the main campuses of YCU. Yochy, the mascot of YCU is a ginkgo leaf, from the trees found throughout the campus. One of the university's landmarks, the clock tower, is on this campus.

Fukuura Campus[edit]

Fukuura Campus (School of Medicine)
Hepburn Hall

The Fukuura Campus in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama is one of the main campuses of YCU. It includes the YCU School of Medicine, Hospital, and Advanced Medical Research Center. It is connected to Shidai-Igakubu Station on the Yokohama Seaside Line. The Hepburn Hall is on this campus.

Maioka Campus[edit]

The Maioka Campus in Totsuka-ku, Yokohama is home to Kihara Institute for Biological Research (KIBR).

Tsurumi Campus[edit]

Tsurumi Campus

The Tsurumi Campus in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama was established in 2001 as a graduate school partnership between YCU and RIKEN.[17][18] RIKEN Yokohama researchers visit YCU as guest professors and provide guidance for students as part of a cooperative graduate school agreement.[19]

Faculties (undergraduate schools)[edit]

School of International Liberal Arts[edit]

  • Department of International Liberal Arts

School of Economics and Business Administration[edit]

  • Department of Economics and Business Administration

School of Science[edit]

  • Department of Science

School of Data Science[edit]

  • Department of Data Science

School of Medicine[edit]

  • Medical Course (six-year)
  • Nursing Course (four-year)

International College of Arts and Sciences[edit]

International College of Arts and Sciences will be reorganized and divided into School of International Liberal Arts, School of Economics and Business Administration, and School of Science in 2019.

  • Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies
    • Department of Human Science
    • Department of Social Relations
    • Department of Arts and Cultures
  • Division of Global Urban and Regional Studies
    • Department of Urban Planning and Community Development
    • Department of Urban and Regional Policy
    • Department of Global Cooperation and Area Studies
  • Division of Economics and Business Administration
    • Department of Business Administration
    • Department of Accounting
    • Department of Economics
  • Division of Sciences
    • Department of Materials Science
    • Department of Life and Environmental Science
    • Department of Medical Life Science

Graduate schools[edit]

Joint graduate school of medicine program[edit]

The YCU Graduate School of Medicine is engaged in "Joint Graduate School Programs" with various establishments include the following.[20]

Research centers and institutes[edit]

University hospitals[edit]

Yokohama City University Hospital
Yokohama City University Medical Center

Yokohama City University Hospital[edit]

The YCU Hospital in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama has 654 beds, and in the 2012 fiscal year, treated 465,918 out-patients and 213,149 in-patients.[21] The Hospital is a designated hospital as a Regional Cancer Care Hospital, AIDS Care Central Core Hospital and an approved as a Specific Function Hospital.[22]

Yokohama City University Medical Center[edit]

International cooperation[edit]

YCU has exchange agreements with the following universities.[23]

Some graduate schools have engaged in joint research with the following African universities.[17]

Notable people[edit]



Honorary doctoral degree recipients[edit]

Honorary doctoral degree recipients include the following.[36]

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