Yokohama Specie Bank Building

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The old Yokohama Specie Bank Building was completed in 1924.

The Yokohama Specie Bank Building is a seven-story building in The Bund, Shanghai. It is now a branch of the Shanghai Textile Holding Corporation.

The building was designed by architects at P & T Architects & Engineers Ltd. The building was built on the site of David Sassoon's 1845 building. The Japanese bank purchased the site in 1920, began construction of the current building in 1923, and completed construction in 1924. After World War II the Chinese government confiscated the bank's assets, and the building became the headquarters of the Shanghai Textile Industry Bureau.[1]


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Coordinates: 31°14′27″N 121°29′05″E / 31.2408°N 121.4847°E / 31.2408; 121.4847