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The leading elite runners in the 2009 race

The Yokohama Women's Marathon was a marathon held in Yokohama, Japan, and hosted by Japan Association of Athletics Federations, TV Asahi, the Asahi Shimbun. It is one of the major Japanese women's marathon races which is used to decide selection for the Olympics, along with the Nagoya Marathon and Osaka International Ladies Marathon.[1]

The competition replaced the Tokyo International Women's Marathon which was held in Tokyo from 1979 until 2008. Following the creation of the annual Tokyo Marathon in 2007, which featured its own annual women's marathon, the sponsors decided to move the women's marathon to Yokohama in 2009.[2]

First held on November 15, 2009, it is scheduled for November every year. The second edition was postponed to February 2011 due to APEC Japan 2010 being held that November and the third edition returned to the usual November timing. In 2012 Lydia Cheromei ran a course record time of 2:23:07 hours.[3]


Key:   Course record

Edition Date Winner Country Time (h:m:s)
1st November 15, 2009 [4] Kiyoko Shimahara  Japan 2:28:51
2nd February 20, 2011 [5] Yoshimi Ozaki  Japan 2:23:56
3rd November 20, 2011 Ryoko Kizaki  Japan 2:26:32
4th November 18, 2012 Lydia Cheromei  Kenya 2:23:07
5th November 17, 2013 Albina Mayorova  Russia 2:25:55[6]
6th November 16, 2014 Tomomi Tanaka  Japan 2:26:57


Yamashita Park->Industrial Trade Center->Yokohama Customs->Kanagawa Prefectural office->Chinatown->Yamashita Park->Industrial Trade Center->Minato Mirai 21->Yokohama Station->Sakuragichō Station->Yokohama Stadium->Yamanote Park->Yamashita Park->Industrial Trade Center->Minato Mirai 21->Yokohama Station->Sakuragichō Station->Yokohama Stadium->Yamanote Park->Industrial Trade Center->Yamashita Park (Finish)


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